"Poison" Dart Frog Terrarium

Note: All of our dart frogs were between 1.5 and 2 inches when fully grown.

This is Geordi - through the glass and humidity - hiding in a favorite plant.

Scientific name: Dendrobates auratus


This is Digit - One of the ones we acquired August 13, 2005

Scientific name: Dendrobates tinctorius, infer-alanis morph


Here is Lucky - in a baby tank

Scientific names: Dendrobates leucomelas (bumblebee)


We got more frogs in November 2005.

Bronzo is the same species as Geordi

Scientific name: Dendrobates auratus (bronze variety)

In September 2006, we again added frogs to our collection.

Here's the belly side of one of the "Blues Brothers" (D azureus)

We have lost frogs to various problems over the years. As of November 2007 we had the following dart frogs in our collection:

1 Dendrobates tintorius (infer-alanis morph)

3 D. auratus

2 D. leucomelas

2 D. azureus

1 Phyllobates bicolor

1 Mantilla

We found a new home for them with a dart frog hobbist who wanted to add to the collection of 20 that he and his wife already had.

Until we start a new hobby, our big tank will look like this.