Greetings, St. Anselm's HS Class of '62!

Many thanks to all who have contributed photos so far. We even have a short video of graduation day in the collection! I'll be happy to post more, just email them to me as an attachment.

Follow the links below to see the photos, etc.

Large Group

45th Reunion Group (composite created by Rick Haenel from photos by Tom Cortese)

45th Reunion Group (scanned photo; original by T Salvie Photography)

45th Reunion Group with numbers & names (thanks to Rick Haenel and Donna Fullen)

All-School Reunion 2006 (Class of '62 large group and small groups)

20th Reunion Group (scanned photo)

10th Reunion Group (scanned photo)

High School Snapshots, including Prom (thanks to Evamarie McGowan)

High School Graduation (2 minute video from Rege Shogan, who said: "Sorry for the poor quality. It was an old 8mm film transferred to video tape then digitized to MPEG2 to get it down to a size I could easily put on the internet. Each step took a little out of the quality." I say: Thanks, Rege, for an effort that takes us back in time to the big event!

Ancient History: St. Anselm 1949 Kindergarten Class (with names)


Small Groups



20th: (thanks to Evamarie)


Recent Individual Photos