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***Welcome St. A's Classmates!***

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*In Memory of Gloria* Nov. 24, 1953 - July 22, 2009

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Keep the Politicians working for us.

Bernadette's blog,Involved Voters



Wooster, Ohio - October 11-12, 2008


June 2008 - Erika and Michael move to Oakland, California

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April 26, 2008 - Erika is awarded her Masters in Public Policy

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Winter 07-08

Ice scupture and cats with cabin-fever


November is the time to watch the Sandhill Cranes gather

at the Haehnle Sanctuary. More info at their web site.


In Memory of Celeste

June 1, 1949 - August 3, 2007


June 2, 2007 was the Big Day for Erika & Michael!

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Erika's Adventures in Spain


Our Favorite Island Vacation

Dominica - Eastern Caribbean


Erick's dart frog hobby


Snickers, Ziggy and Lucky

More cat photos