Eventually, after a couple of years working on the inside, we moved some of our attention to the outside of the house. Here are some pictures of that process.

Stone circle
Stone circles...
Birthday present
Make 'em work for my 40th birthday
The first look
It starts to take shape
Closeup of Columbine
Hybrid Columbine
Day lillies
Day lillies
The garden in the summer
At last, it's starting to look good
The yard in the Spring
In Spring it's hopeful
Trellis with vines
Trellis with vines
Cat staring at fish
The cat really likes to look at the fish
Here's what the cat stares at
Here's what the cat watches
The pond in Aug, 00
The pond in Augst '00
The pond in Sept, '00
The pond in Sept '00
Hickory in fall
One of my favorite fall views
Turkeys in the yard
And it's not near Thanksgiving yet
Ice in sun
We get some ice
Winter wet snow
Wet, pretty snow
Hickory in fall
Our ice "sculpture"